Flute teacher St Albans

Flute teacher Paul trained as a professional flautist, playing for the London Mozart Players, English National Opera and the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra.

Flute teacher St Albans

In the later part of his career, he trained as a practitioner of the Alexander Technique, and taught at Trinity College of Music, London, between 1993 and 2011.

The last 5 years at Trinity, he ran a course called “Flexible Programmes of Study” which enabled any good musician the opportunity to take part in the musical activity of the college.

Since 2011, Paul has lived in St Albans and is now bringing up his two daughters, aged 5 and 2.

St Albans

Paul Chapman,  St Albans BA ARCM has a few vacancies for adult pupils interested in flute tuition.

As an Alexander Teacher of long experience he has also vacancies for those interested in the Technique, especially musicians of any instrument.
Fees are £50 per hour or pro rata.

Flute teacher St Albans

Alexander Technique

Frederick Matthias Alexander. Born Jan 20th 1869 in Wynyard NW Tasmania. Premature birth, eldest of 8 children, mother a midwife.

A sickly child in need of home education.  Visited by a Scottish tutor for lessons when too ill to go to school.

Developed a love of Shakespeare and interest in all matters relating to the stage : elocution, dramatic gesture, recitation etc.

Was encouraged to take the art of reciting prose, poetry, humorous verse to a professional level.

Noticed after some time that his voice tended to hoarseness, especially in passages demanding vocal effort. This later culminated in almost complete loss of voice during a recital he (reluctantly) gave, because the problem was becoming ever more severe.

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